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Current Focus: Water Scarcity: Welcome

       H.E.R.O's is currently using donations to help end water scarcity. Many of us have the luxury of being able to use fresh water whenever we need it. However, many people around the world do not have the same privilege. The United Nations found that globally, 2.2 billion had no access to safely managed drinking water, and 785 million had no basic drinking water, as of 2017 (Goal).

       As a result, millions of people have died due to unsafe drinking water and sanitation. Women and children are especially affected by the water crisis, spending the majority of each day walking to and from the nearest water supply, rather than going to school or work. Losing economic opportunities in order to find and gather safe water, countries dealing with this crisis have become stuck in a cycle of poverty (Water).

       Fortunately, many organizations are working to stop the water shortage, such as Charity: Water. Charity: Water builds water projects in developing countries, specifically in Africa, Latin America, and Asia (Our).

       By donating now, you can help Charity: Water continue their work to give hundreds of people around the world access to clean water.

Current Focus: Water Scarcity: Text

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Children carrying water cans in Uganda,
Current Focus: Water Scarcity: Text
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